Our group strives to be a platform for the creation, discussion, and analysis of the arts as related to medicine. Many of our classmates have diverse and fascinating artistic interests, so we started the Arts in Medicine Society as a platform to continue these passions, combine them and share them with each other. We want this group to be a space for this creativity to unfold, where medicine and the arts can enrich one another.

We recognize that by pursuing these passions, we can maintain a healthy balance in our lives between medical school and our outside interests. However, we want to take this further and recognize that by fostering our creativity, we can enliven and embolden our future careers.

Panacea is one step in this mission: a publication of creation and reflection for the medical students of Johns Hopkins as we encounter medicine, learn the art of care for the patient, and combine all this into the library of our personal experience as physicians.

A Note from the Dean

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